Serenity & Calmenss NOW!

We are experiences exceptional times. The more important it is to stay calm and to increase your serenity. 

„Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.“

James Allen, As a man thinketh

How to get more calmness and serenity now in times of Corona COVID19?

  • Have a fact sheet.
  • Get disciplined in your way of thinking and decide how often you watch the news.
  • Always respond instead of react.

The first step is to write down the facts that are important for you. What are the facts about Corona and COVID19 from a medicine perspective? What are the recommendations in your area and what is your personal situation?

Hygienic is one of the most powerful achievement we got in the last 150 years. So you should always follow the hygienic recommendations with or without Corona COVID19.
Here are some additional ideals for you to choose to put on your fact sheet:

What is your status quo about your health, are you in a risk group? 

  • Do you have all the information you need to know how to protect yourself in the best way? 
  • What can you do to support your immune system? (food, enough drinking (water), movement so far it is possible, vitamins C,D and zinc)
  • Do you have all telephone numbers you need in case?
  • Do you have a fall back option? Means in case you are not able to leave home do you have somebody who will take care of you, to do daily grocery etc.
  • If you are taking medicine on a regular basis, do you have a larger stock at home than usually? 
  • Do you know if your take away restaurants will stay open and still deliver food? 
  • Is there somebody you could support? There are many ways to support, from calling people who may not leave home, so they do not feel lonely. Or to do shopping for other people … or …
    It is very important to have your „fact sheet“. Whenever you feel like being powerless, go to you fact sheet!

So far this is done, appreciate yourself. Bring into your mind that a virus is a different opponent than everything else.
The most effective thing you can do now, is to do nothing but about to strength you.

Become disciplined with your thoughts. Do not step mental into hysteria.
Decide when and how often do you want to listen to the news. 
Is it really necessary to watch the news every 30 minutes? Probably not.
So, make a decision.

To slow down might be difficult for us today, as we are used to be active. But instead of just reacting it is more effective to respond.
We are living in great high technical epoch. Use it. 

Responding is based on your thoughts not on your emotions like it is when you react.
That means you are aware of a right way to act. In the case of corona it is doing less outside. So what about taking this time to invest in yourself. To train and discipline your way of thinking. How well do you know yourself? I mean on a deep level? The better you know yourself, the better you can serve others in any space.

This new situation gives you the opportunity to think completely new. In my case for example, we are now three people being at home. Everybody has its own duty from school work to business. So we coordinate our days and also see the new opportunities like spending more time together.

A lot of families are faced with challenges now, but there are also great opportunities. How many parents are often wish to have more time with their kids? Now it is easy possible. I saw so many Dads today with their kids 🙂

How many do wish to have more time to read a good book ar do some paintings? Now is the best time to do it. You see the message? There is always something good in it 🙂 To recognise it you have to think out of the box. You might think different than you are currently doing.
So this is a great opportunity to train your GROWTH Mindset and to
BE agile.

You can do this by getting more in touch with how to increase you serenity. By controlling how to think. To step y away from hysteria.

Here is my special gift for you. I introduce you to three levels of comittment and engagement for you to choose. You can download the Chapter: Serenity form James Allen (in English or German) and follow these instruction:

Fully committed, high engagement:
Read out loud the article „Serenity“ every day.
Write the article „Serenity“ everyday for at least 30 days!

Medium commitment, middle engagement:
Read out loud twice a day this article, in the morning and in the evening.

Low commitment, low engagement:
Read it once a day, record it and listen to it once a day

Have fun with it. It is working. I know because I did the writing for 60 days!!! By getting into the spirit of serenity you will train your mind and calm down.This is very important as you have to calm down to be able to really think. People who has to close their current business have be creative and have to be able to think further.

So train your mind, increase your serenity.

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