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Be the agile person everyone is talking about.
Turn knowledge into competence by using your agile mindset.

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Master your MIND
Live your       IDENTITY
Create your MISSION


Love agile again

Enable your team

Be more fulfilled

Get a step by step plan to skyrocket your agile mindset.

Up-skill your agile thinking and turn your knowledge into competence.


  • master your MIND :
    Everything starts in your head. Think agile to close your mind behaviour gap and to be independent from the outside.
  • live your IDENTITY.
    Know who you are and who you want to be. What is your purpose? What let you be YOU? Having clarity about this brings you inner peace of mind and let you be a natural authority.
  • create your MISSION.
    Knowing your purpose guides you to your mission. What is your contribution to your team and beyond?

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12.30 pm CET for 60 minutes from

25rd until 27th April 2022 daily


LIVE 3 x 60min. MASTERCLASS Lunch & Learn

smile Imagine if you and your team had a bullet-proof agile mindset?
smile Meaning there is understanding in the team?
smile How much more effective would you be if you close your Knowing-Doing-Gap?
smile And if everybody is committed to the project?
smile Imagine you and your team thrives your mission?


master your MIND

close mind-behaviour gap

master your thinking resources by increasing your Self-Leadership

live your IDENTITY

UNDERSTAND who you really are

Know your purpose and the power inside of you connect with and live it

create your MISSION

your roadmap for your legacy

living your purpose gives you innner peace of mind, serenity and security, it let you be the authentic leader other wants to follow



A lot of people and teams are struggling with living the agile methodology and process. It is about aligning your way of thinking with your working framework and agile methodology.

An agile mindset is about increasing your awareness and being able to adapt the change in uncertain and volatile environments. A must in a VUCA environment.


• How to master your MIND.
• How to live your IDENTIY.
• How to create your MISSION.

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Meet Stephanie

I am a Mindset Trainer in Zurich Switzerland specialised in the growth and agile mindset. I support teams and individuals to make them mastering their mind, live their identity and to create their mission. These components are crucial to cope with our VUCA world. It enabales to understand and to adapot other perspectives while working cross divisional.

As a certified consultant by Proctor Gallagher Institute my work includes success proven approach from Bob Proctor and is aligend with the models / roadmaps as  „Spiral Dynamics“ and „AQAL“.

Everything starts in our mind. Everything starts with a thought. For those who are working in an agile framework, it is important to internalize the whole agile philosophy. Stop just doing agile without thinking agile. Bring more agility into your daily life and thinking.

This works like the butterfly effect. With small things you will achieve enormous impact. So train your mind to live from the inside out and face complexity at ease.

Before being a mindset trainer I was in banking and finance with focus on family office. In this role I worked with very successful entrepreneurs and observed that they already do a lot of mindset training unconsciously. Successful people uses their mind to support them.


Thanks for a great session Stephanie – once again interesting, thought-provoking, and challenging.….. I love your stick people – they are so cool 🙂

Hi Stephanie and Nic: Thanks for another really interesting chat… very clarifying 🙂 I have completed my assignment for today and will attach in a message to Nic

Thanks so much. I am enjoying the course – it is really great 🙂

Thanks so much. I have enjoyed connecting with you and have learned about: persistence, repetition, and reflection… 🙂 Thanks so much. I am enjoying the course – it is really great 🙂

"The recent events have been showing more than ever how important it is to stay agile in any situation, to be open for a new way of thinking.”