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Being agile

are you ready to Up-skill your agile mindset? Train your Mind

Stephanie Schuster

Train your Mind

Are you aware that you can train your way of thinking as you can aligne your thinking logic
It is easily said to turn every failure into a learning experience but we are all coming out of an education system where every failure is punished. Means there is some inner work to do to really be able to embrace failure.
As a MINDSET Trainer I do know how powerful our mind is. Everythings starts in your head. The image the idea of how you contribute to your agile team starts first in your head. When you and your team changes the way you are working together it is more than just learning a new method. It is about implementing a new way of thinking.
Teams which starts to get more self organised have to develop a new way of thinking that shows in their actions. This is a process and cannot be achieved in a two day workshop.
You could ask, why should a team work more self organised? Well, there behind is the paradigm and the believe that a self organised team is faster, more motivated. The team members show a more identification as they are more involved in the decision finding process. More motivated people are more effective they put in more of their potential. While living more of your potential people are attend to be more happy than others.
Ergo, there are a lot of good reasons to give teams more self organisation. As the "New Work" movement shows more in detail.
"Being agile" | Train your Mind

Be the best SELF - LEADER you can be.

Being agile.

Master your challenges and stay in flow.

Be in the driver's seat of your life, your career and your relationships.
People are talking about the fast development we are experiencing or are afraid to be left behind.
How do you master the digital transformation?
In your private life?
In your professional life?
Is there room for improvement?

On a scale from 1-10 how great would you rate your agile mindset?
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