How can we be more effective? Have you already thought about it?

Let me give you a short summary of how to improve in this topic.
The first step is to bring together your personal rhythm with your topics that has to be done. You
may ask yourself what has this in common with agile? Well, of course it is thinking and
implementing things out of the box.

So this part is BEING agile 🙂

Agile is not a method it is a lifestyle. When you are living the agile lifestyle you ARE agile and you
achieved the state of BEING agile.
Let us start with rhythm:
There is rhythm everywhere. You can observe it day by day so one obvious secret to stay in flow
and to take good care of resources is to go with the rhythm.
Image for example a swimmer in the sea. Have you ever done this? When you are swimming with
the waves it is much easier than when you try to swim against them.
The rhythm is a good example why an agile mindset is useful beyond the IT software space and
why it is achievable to life the agile lifestyle. It is about training your mind to stay in flow and e.g.
go with the rhythm to have everything incredible easier.
Let us transfer the rhythm we all know from nature, like day and night, seasons etc. to other

But before doing this let us look on the basis that all rhythm has in common.

There are the stages of:

start and grow: e.g. spring
peak: e.g. summer
slow down: e.g. autumn
rest / pause: e.g. winter

Let us transfer this to several examples and we start with software development:

start : the idea
grow: developpment and testing
peak: role out / selling to user
slow down: update version
rest/pause: vintage, no more updates

Transfer to your own life:

start: birth and childhood
grow: adolescence
peak: foundations are made, family, career
slow down: „what else?“ „why I am here?“
rest/pause: negative way: burn out
positive way: time for reflection and modification, may be course correction

Transfer to business life cycle:

start: start-up Idea
grow: later stage, first revenues and customers, investors
peak: established may be listed
slow down: faced with competitors
rest pause: negative: fail disappear
positiv: new developments and the cycle starts again
transfer to knowledge cycle:
start: grow up, school
grow: college, university
peak: it should be actual everyday!!!
rest pause: mostly 5-7 years after leaving school/ university

But be aware of that trap!!!

When people are coming fresh from school or university the are full of knowledge, knowledge that
is rather actual.
But what happens to a manager that is out of the education system for more than 20 years?
Hopefully they give them self an update on a regular basis to keep themselves always up to date
concerning their wisdom they need for their duty. This would a manager with an agile mindset do.
He or she would ask him/herself regular is my knowledge still enough? How can I improve? What
are new ideas for my profession? Could this be useful for my function?

Everybody is well advised to keep on studying his or her topic. Have a look what is new in your
field how can you use it. Make it a habit to update yourself as you update your smart phone and

You deserve it.

Let me share some big take aways our to this topic of rhythm from me and my clients:

1. To work with the rhythm makes almost everything so much easier it is like surfing the wave, so
less less more obstacles. Like swimming with the waves it is much more easier than fighting
against them. You can not change the rhythm of the waves. Take them, study them and use them 🙂
But!!! you can study them and use them for your own goal!! That is the secret.
2. Life makes incredible more fun while staying in flow. Being more effective there is so much
more time. You will find yourself all of a sudden asking: „Where has this time been before?“
3. To bring together my „primetime“ with my top producing to-do’s was an eye opener and bring
the most effectivity to me. I get this sentence very often from my clients.
Does this resonates with you? Do you have already made similar experiences? Or you want to
bring in your strength to be as effective as possible?

Just let me know. I am very curious where are you right now. With
You want to know more about it? You want to figure out how agile you are already? How the agile
lifestyle is useful for you? Do not hesitate to book a free discovery (30-45min. max) session with
me 🙂